Gifts & Spoils & logos, oh my!

Gifts & Spoils & logos, oh my!

Jenny, the owner of the eclectic online fashion store Gifts & Spoils, approached us seeking a new look and feel for her business. She found us through the ‘Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine’ Facebook group, an amazing, supportive group for businesswomen and female entrepreneurs. Jenny had approached the B’s group for feedback on her website and a strong theme of the advice she received was that her branding didn’t reflect the aesthetic of her unique creations.

Who are Gifts & Spoils?

Gifts & Spoils is all about transformation – taking the ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary. So naturally we were very keen to work with Jenny to help her transform her brand!

What did we do?

We started with a fact find to help us understand Gifts & Spoils as a business, their target customer and what success looked like from Jenny’s perspective. We also conducted a market analysis for context around her competition’s branding (the good, the bad and the ugly). From here we pitched 4 distinct concepts and worked closely with Jenny to refine the one she liked the most.

pen and pencil sketches of logo elements

Coming through with the goods

Ultimately, we delivered a logo which is best described as day of the dead meets creep-heart – a design as detailed and eclectic as the business it represents. We worked both on and off-line from a wide variety of inspirations to create a logo in an original, illustrated style. An exciting challenge for us was hand drawing many of the elements (seen above) then digitising and arranging them for the final design.

The skulls and diamonds reflect the materials incorporated into Gifts & Spoils custom fashion accessories, while pops of colour throughout create a colour palette which extends beyond the logo to the website.

We delivered three different versions of the logo for Jenny: a display version, a simplified version (for small space applications) and version for social profiles. These carry consistent elements – we always take the opportunity to help our clients create a consistent brand across all their marketing and sales channels (from market banners to social profiles and website fav-icons).

Not content with content

Gifts & Spoils also needed to define a unique brand ‘voice’. It was clear she had something special to say – and that we could help her say it! Through discussions with Jenny and analysis of her products and the current website we helped identify and describe a persona for her ideal client. We wanted to make sure that Jenny’s passion and love for her work came through not just not just in the products themselves, but in how she wrote about them.  Understanding the ideal customer was instrumental in targeting this new and re-written content. We also reviewed and streamlined content across the site to make sure it was all consistent and true to the refreshed Gifts & Spoils brand.

Our final task was uploading the new logo and content to the site and some minor updates to the theme and the site css. We re-worked the front page to focus on the new branding and the brand story – both designed to help customers connect to and engage with the store – as well as make the product collections more visible to visitors.

Wrapped up in a little bow

(this is a sneaky reference to the old Gifts & Spoils logo - pictured above)

Gifts & Spoils is a fun and original small business that is ultimately about making its customers feel like their best and most glamorous selves. Our job was to help Gifts & Spoils present a more refined and consistent experience, to give them a voice and a look that says who they are loud and clear!

Feel like your own branding or web content could use a little TLC? Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help you!

2 responses to “Gifts & Spoils & logos, oh my!”

  1. Jenny C says:

    Wow, what a great makeover! The new brand looks so much more inviting. Great job.

  2. Carmel Macpherson says:

    I love your work. It is offering a unique perspective and making an impact in a market that too often “settles”. From my own experience working with you, I have never had a company make the effort you two do to genuinely understand the client but also “excite” the client.

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