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LIKE FLAMINGO is a small, nay, tiny agency, run by Andy and Bec, a couple of true believers in the power of good design, good writing and great communication.

Between us we have over a decade of experience in a mix of design, small business and government communications. We decided to start LIKE FLAMINGO because we understand communication isn't everyone's focus, but it's what gets us up in the morning.

Not only is in an opportunity for us to work in a field we love, but it's a chance to lend our skills to supporting small businesses, makers, hustlers (the good kind…not the sketchy kind) and dreamers.

Keep reading to find out more about us, check out our pages on design or communications or get in touch to discuss your next project.

Director - Andy


Graphic design, branding, social media strategy, website accessibility, punk rock

Andy grew up on the web and working with computers. He's passionate about visual design, from logos to annual reports, and cares deeply about user experience and helping small business develop brand consistency. He has Diplomas in graphic design, web development, and music as well as over 6 years design and web experience with Government. Andy has run numerous small businesses over the years and understands the unique challenges of the sector.

Andy forgot what spare time was a long time ago and is always involved in some ICT or design project.


Content and copy writing, copy editing, proof reading, communications strategy, Swiftie

Bec has a Degree in writing and has worked for numerous government departments as a writer and editor, including campaign work and speech writing. She has experience writing and editing in the not-for-profit sector and developing communication strategies for small and medium business, as well as large organisations. You're unlikely to find someone who cares as much about your written products as Bec will.

She reads whenever possible and has a keen eye for grammatical errors and typos. 

Director - Bec

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