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Olive oil grove branches out

Green and black olive branch over old wooden table. Top view.

Nestled under the watchful gaze of Colo Vale's "White Chapel" is a small family run olive grove producing some of Australia's best olive oil. The aptly named White Chapel Grove has been family owned for multiple generations. The grove already provides bulk oil supplies to some of NSW top restaurants and processing for third parties. But they had big plans for selling the grove's own retail line of superior virgin olive oil products.

When we were approached by White Chapel Grove with this amazing opportunity to be a part of their expansion into the retail market I jumped at the chance! What else could I do? Who wouldn’t want to be involved in working on a product that may very well be the true nectar of the gods!

Understanding the job

Our designs needed to convey the quality of the product and capture the spirit of White Chapel Grove. They also had to be eye catching and entice people to buy!

I worked closely with Peter, White Chapel Grove’s owner. My first aim was to get a better understanding of what the brand and business meant to him and his family. Then, to understand how they wanted to present themselves to customers.

White Chapel Grove have produced olive oil on their family property for generations. Because of this the family connection was very important to them. I wanted to be sure to capture the tangible sense of history, and produce a design that was both modern and timeless.


After in-depth client discussions I felt I really understood the business, brand, product and clientele. After the market research phase I felt like I had a solid idea about what branding was already in the space. This process helps make sure we don't develop a label that looks like an existing product. I developed 4 concepts which we presented to White Chapel Grove, with our current market analysis. As with all our designs, we presented rationales for each which explained the design decisions and direction.

This was the first official product White Chapel Grove would offer, and the first real application of their logo and extension into branding. It was crucial that we set a precedent that they would be able to apply to other new products.

Luckily I'm passionate about helping small business build consistency. I love to help businesses see new ways to build their brand, while referencing work that's already been done. It’s embarrassing, but I’m a nerd for brand consistency. I love the challenge of unifying design elements to present that polished public face.

All the designs we presented brought together the tradition of White Chapel Grove with the expectations of modern consumers. Each design had a different visual flavour – so Peter had a real choice about how to move forward. Peter and his family provided feedback on their preferred concept, which we used to further personalise and refine the designs.

Olive oil labelling - technical details

Important considerations for the layout of the olive oil bottles' labels included:

  • the nutritional information panel
  • the impending changes to country of origin labelling laws
  • the requirements for incorporating barcodes (minimum sizes, clearances etc)
  • label size and readability of text
  • machine application of labels.

We were still in the transition period for the country of origin updates. When I realised that this would affect the brand in the future I wanted to make sure that the label was fully compliant. The Australian Government guidelines helped me successfully design and apply a compliant COO mark.

I was well placed to advise on appropriate labelling materials because we have worked in this space before. Having previously developed labelling for oil moisturisers, I already knew some of the potential pitfalls. This invaluable experience meant our client saved time and money by avoiding costly mistakes.

Because we speak the language of printers we were able to organise quotes on the grove's behalf. When the quotes were in we supplied them as a package with recommendations about printers. It's important that our clients can make informed decisions without having to suddenly have expert printing knowledge. We worked directly with the chosen printer to make sure that the end product met the high expectation of the market and reflected the quality of the brand, the product and the design.

White chapel grove olive oil bottle Photo courtesy of White Chapel Grove

Content is king

We also worked with Peter to refine their brand message and content on the bottle itself. We wanted to come up with a catchy but truthful message about the business, why they love what they do and their expertise. The small space available presented its own challenges and meant that every single word had to serve a purpose.

Bec is our expert copywriter. She approached the problem by developing various iterations of the text and tagline. She refined the content and sent the best ones to White Chapel Grove for the final decision. It’s important to us to capture the voice of our clients, but we never speak for them – the ultimate choice of how to present themselves to the world is theirs.

Project in review

We loved working with White Chapel Grove. We are so excited about the final product being out in the world, at market stalls and making its way into people’s pantries...Not to mention all the top restaurants in the NSW Southern Highlands! Helping small business is our passion. If you find yourself in or around Colo Vale do yourself a favour and get your hands on a bottle of this premium olive oil. Not only does it look great, it’s a prime example of the exceptional quality produce being created by Australia’s regional farmers!


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Gifts & Spoils & logos, oh my!

Jenny, the owner of the eclectic online fashion store Gifts & Spoils, approached us seeking a new look and feel for her business. She found us through the ‘Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine’ Facebook group, an amazing, supportive group for businesswomen and female entrepreneurs. Jenny had approached the B’s group for feedback on her website and a strong theme of the advice she received was that her branding didn’t reflect the aesthetic of her unique creations.

Who are Gifts & Spoils?

Gifts & Spoils is all about transformation – taking the ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary. So naturally we were very keen to work with Jenny to help her transform her brand!

What did we do?

We started with a fact find to help us understand Gifts & Spoils as a business, their target customer and what success looked like from Jenny’s perspective. We also conducted a market analysis for context around her competition’s branding (the good, the bad and the ugly). From here we pitched 4 distinct concepts and worked closely with Jenny to refine the one she liked the most.

pen and pencil sketches of logo elements

Coming through with the goods

Ultimately, we delivered a logo which is best described as day of the dead meets creep-heart – a design as detailed and eclectic as the business it represents. We worked both on and off-line from a wide variety of inspirations to create a logo in an original, illustrated style. An exciting challenge for us was hand drawing many of the elements (seen above) then digitising and arranging them for the final design.

The skulls and diamonds reflect the materials incorporated into Gifts & Spoils custom fashion accessories, while pops of colour throughout create a colour palette which extends beyond the logo to the website.

We delivered three different versions of the logo for Jenny: a display version, a simplified version (for small space applications) and version for social profiles. These carry consistent elements – we always take the opportunity to help our clients create a consistent brand across all their marketing and sales channels (from market banners to social profiles and website fav-icons).

Not content with content

Gifts & Spoils also needed to define a unique brand ‘voice’. It was clear she had something special to say – and that we could help her say it! Through discussions with Jenny and analysis of her products and the current website we helped identify and describe a persona for her ideal client. We wanted to make sure that Jenny’s passion and love for her work came through not just not just in the products themselves, but in how she wrote about them.  Understanding the ideal customer was instrumental in targeting this new and re-written content. We also reviewed and streamlined content across the site to make sure it was all consistent and true to the refreshed Gifts & Spoils brand.

Our final task was uploading the new logo and content to the site and some minor updates to the theme and the site css. We re-worked the front page to focus on the new branding and the brand story – both designed to help customers connect to and engage with the store – as well as make the product collections more visible to visitors.

Wrapped up in a little bow

(this is a sneaky reference to the old Gifts & Spoils logo - pictured above)

Gifts & Spoils is a fun and original small business that is ultimately about making its customers feel like their best and most glamorous selves. Our job was to help Gifts & Spoils present a more refined and consistent experience, to give them a voice and a look that says who they are loud and clear!

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Bec got her start writing real estate copy when we sold our house. It was our first home and we loved it, but a little baby flamingo had arrived and suddenly our nest felt a little small! So we decided to move somewhere with a bit more breathing room and about 80% less neighbours. Enter our real estate agent. On finding out that Bec was a trained writer, he offered us the chance to write the ad to sell the house. This was a new challenge, because of the emotion attached to the ad, but one which Bec was prepared for due to her many years of experience with the written word.

The house sold quickly and a new partnership was born. For the last 12 months the Like Flamingo team have been honing their skills (under Bec's watchful eye) writing ads for real estate listings across the Canberra region, and across a broad cross section of houses, target markets and prices.

The secret sauce

Real estate ad writing is all about getting people off their computers and into the open houses. The right ad can turn a house listing from a ‘don’t bother’ into a ‘must see’ by giving the reader a sense of the life they might live in that new home. Ads aren't just about how many bedrooms, bathrooms or square metres a house has (important as these are!) – they're about creating a connection with the potential buyer by helping them see the property as a home, not just a house. Pictures are great but the magic happens when a prospective buyer can imagine their new life and really see the potential in a property. Strong copy, combined with great images, is what helps potential buyers connect personally with a listing.

Our experience

Bec has written listings ranging from fixer-uppers in the outer suburbs to million dollar properties in the heart of town. Using her creative writing training, as well as the critical eye developed through years of working in communications, she creates ads that fully complement the photos and help sell the property. She oversees all the content developed by Like Flamingo to make sure our strict quality standards are maintained.

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SALTI is all about an exciting new way to do yoga - ON THE WATER! The business is the first of its kind in Australia and we were #blessed to be able to work with them on establishing their brand.

The whole shebang

We started by designing a versatile logo and extended this brand through to user manuals, business cards, technical drawings and letterheads and more.

SALTI knew where they wanted to go but needed a solid brand concept and supporting collateral to help them get there. Andy worked closely with Jo, the owner and innovator, to find out what they are all about. We then developed a logo that encapsulated the brand voice and ideals. Not just another yoga or fitness brand, SALTI is a fresh idea – it’s about fun, fitness, good vibes and adventure. This is reflected in the logo which incorporates water as well as references to summertime and sunshine. All this while still being clean, fresh, modern and versatile.

Yoga on the water

The SALTI floats are a new product, and they come with an accompanying user guide including instructions and safety information. It was imperative that the guide be clear and easy to read. When Andy designed and typeset the guide he wanted to make sure to keep the lightness of the brand but still provide information in an easy to follow format.

SALTI user manual - inner spread

What else did we deliver?

Supporting collateral included a business card – but not a strictly traditional one. Designed to match the SALTI floats, the business cards provide key information, keep the product in front of mind and remind recipients of what the brand is all about.

We also designed a custom cover-page and multiple branded word templates for correspondence with clients. All of this work is designed to reinforce the strong link between the brand, its boards and its clients.

SALTI definitely stand out from the pack and we're excited to see them moving on to big things!

Salti business cards in pink and blue SALTI business cards in orange and grey

Want to know more about SALTI? Check out their website! You can find out more about our other design work or get in touch with us to discuss your next design or branding project. Don't forget that we also offer writing and editing services (everything you need to make sure your online and print content really stands out from the flock). For a full list of everything we can do for you check out our services page.

Andy was recently lucky enough to work with the  Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) - the Australian Government agency who make sure that medicines in Australia are safe, effective and high quality. The TGA wanted a clean, flexible template for their 2017-18 suite of reports. The brief was to create a reusable, flexible and adaptable framework that the internal design team could use to create a wide swathe of reports over the financial year.

What did we deliver?

The theme we pitched was "Data Mountains". The concept reflects the important work that the TGA is doing to make more of its data available to the public in visually interesting, usable ways.

Our pitch included

  • examples of stock images which carried through key geometric elements of the design
  • header and footer assets
  • page overlays
  • backgrounds, and
  • cover pages

all of which conformed to the TGA's corporate branding guidelines. Once the concept was accepted we also typeset the first report.

TGA business report 2017-18 front cover

The "Data Mountains" theme continued through the report and across the front and back covers.

More info

You can view the first of the reports using the template on the TGA website at TGA Business Plan 2017-18. You can find out more about our other design work or get in touch with us to discuss your next design or branding project. Don't forget that we also offer writing and editing services (everything you need to make sure your online and print content really stands out from the flock). For a full list of everything we can do for you check out our services page.