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We're always write (!)

Writing is hard. Writing about yourself and your business is even harder (I should know, I’m doing it right now!).

We take the stress out of it for you so you can focus on what you’d rather be doing - running your business and supporting your customers. We’ll analyse your key messaging, your demographics as well as your corporate tone. From here we create written content which pulls everything together into a cohesive whole that says what you need it to say, and that sounds like you.

When we write, we’ll take your rough notes, napkin scribbles, ideas and thoughts and form them into the right product for you.

What can we write?

LIKE FLAMINGO can write almost anything (but I don’t think we can ghostwrite the next Great Australian Novel, sorry!). We can write ads, website or blog content, brochures and flyers, social media posts, emails, newsletters and more.


We edit anything

We offer a range of editing services including general editing, copy editing and proofreading. We take your unique voice (or work with you to establish and clarify it) so you’re saying what you want to, in the way you want to say it.

General editing covers our rewriting services – for example, if you’ve drafted an ‘About’ page for your website but you don’t feel like it’s quite capturing your spirit, we’ll rework it into something that really reflects you and your business. We might add or subtract large amounts of information to make sure it’s exactly right. We have years of experience in writing for the web and a clear understanding of the way people interact with both on and off-line content (hint: it's different).

Copy editing includes formatting, style and accuracy checks. We won’t make changes quite as large as our general editing.

Proofreading is when we go over things with a fine tooth comb – fixing tiny things like double spaces, misplaced apostrophes, all the tiny little details that give an overall sense of professionalism and perfection.


What else do we do?

Express small order proofreading  - we call them micro-edits! It involves pulling general editing and proofreading together over a small amount of content, returned to you in a short amount of time. We're micro-editing specialists and can improve your urgent communications in a time-frame that works for your business at an affordable price (you can even order our fast turnaround proofreading services online). Now there's no excuse to let your public image suffer due to poor content.

Got other ideas? Hit us up!

We also love to build up our clients (we believe in you!) which makes us great at writing ‘About’ and pages for your website and business profiles.

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