All these flavours and we chose SALTI

SALTI is all about an exciting new way to do yoga - ON THE WATER! The business is the first of its kind in Australia and we were #blessed to be able to work with them on establishing their brand.

The whole shebang

We started by designing a versatile logo and extended this brand through to user manuals, business cards, technical drawings and letterheads and more.

SALTI knew where they wanted to go but needed a solid brand concept and supporting collateral to help them get there. Andy worked closely with Jo, the owner and innovator, to find out what they are all about. We then developed a logo that encapsulated the brand voice and ideals. Not just another yoga or fitness brand, SALTI is a fresh idea – it’s about fun, fitness, good vibes and adventure. This is reflected in the logo which incorporates water as well as references to summertime and sunshine. All this while still being clean, fresh, modern and versatile.

Yoga on the water

The SALTI floats are a new product, and they come with an accompanying user guide including instructions and safety information. It was imperative that the guide be clear and easy to read. When Andy designed and typeset the guide he wanted to make sure to keep the lightness of the brand but still provide information in an easy to follow format.

SALTI user manual - inner spread

What else did we deliver?

Supporting collateral included a business card – but not a strictly traditional one. Designed to match the SALTI floats, the business cards provide key information, keep the product in front of mind and remind recipients of what the brand is all about.

We also designed a custom cover-page and multiple branded word templates for correspondence with clients. All of this work is designed to reinforce the strong link between the brand, its boards and its clients.

SALTI definitely stand out from the pack and we're excited to see them moving on to big things!

Salti business cards in pink and blue SALTI business cards in orange and grey

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