Real estate writing gets real

Bec got her start writing real estate copy when we sold our house. It was our first home and we loved it, but a little baby flamingo had arrived and suddenly our nest felt a little small! So we decided to move somewhere with a bit more breathing room and about 80% less neighbours. Enter our real estate agent. On finding out that Bec was a trained writer, he offered us the chance to write the ad to sell the house. This was a new challenge, because of the emotion attached to the ad, but one which Bec was prepared for due to her many years of experience with the written word.

The house sold quickly and a new partnership was born. For the last 12 months the Like Flamingo team have been honing their skills (under Bec's watchful eye) writing ads for real estate listings across the Canberra region, and across a broad cross section of houses, target markets and prices.

The secret sauce

Real estate ad writing is all about getting people off their computers and into the open houses. The right ad can turn a house listing from a ‘don’t bother’ into a ‘must see’ by giving the reader a sense of the life they might live in that new home. Ads aren't just about how many bedrooms, bathrooms or square metres a house has (important as these are!) – they're about creating a connection with the potential buyer by helping them see the property as a home, not just a house. Pictures are great but the magic happens when a prospective buyer can imagine their new life and really see the potential in a property. Strong copy, combined with great images, is what helps potential buyers connect personally with a listing.

Our experience

Bec has written listings ranging from fixer-uppers in the outer suburbs to million dollar properties in the heart of town. Using her creative writing training, as well as the critical eye developed through years of working in communications, she creates ads that fully complement the photos and help sell the property. She oversees all the content developed by Like Flamingo to make sure our strict quality standards are maintained.

Want examples of our real estate ad writing? Get in touch with us and we'll be happy to discuss what we can do for you or your agency. Don't forget that we also offer editing services (everything you need to make sure your online and print content really stands out from the flock) as well as graphic design. For a full list of everything we can do for you check out our services page.